A. Translation prices (including certification, postal charges excluded):
The calculation basis is the target text (translated text). Basically, the price for 55 characters including spaces is EUR 1.55
Prices start at EUR 1.85 / 55 characters including spaces if the document to be translated includes technical terms or is difficult to read (e.g. handwriting), respectively if it is a rush job (e.g. within 24 hours).
For the request of each new certified original of a translation, I charge EUR 15.  
B. Interpreting prices (travel expenses excluded):
Basically, you will pay EUR 70 / hour for consecutive interpreting and 75 EUR / hour for simultaneous interpreting.
When canceling an appointment for a reason which was outside my control and without being notified in writing at least 72 hours before the original appointment date, I will charge compensatory damages up to the amount corresponding to the fee for two hours . The customer shall be entitled to prove that a lesser loss has been incurred.
 C. Travel expenses:
The charges to be remunerated for travel are EUR 0,30 / kilometer traveled. The shortest distance between the office and the assignment place based on a standard route planner shall be considered. When traveling by train, the actual expenses of the first class, including the expenses for place reservation and transportation of the necessary luggage shall be reimbursed. The choice of the means of transportation is the responsibility of the Contractor. In case of assignments outside Germany, travel expenses must be agreed upon in advance and an advance payment thereof must be made in full.
D. Sending the translated documents in Germany:
actual costs incurred
Translation tasks Summary:
The costs for birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, passports, driving licenses, certificates of no impediment to marriage, criminal records, confirmations, registration certificates, baptism certificates, university degrees, diplomas corresponding to university entrance level (e.g. Abitur (DE), baccalaureat (RO), matura (AT), A-Levels or IB (GB)), certificates diploma supplements, divorces or diplomas range between EUR 25.00 and EUR 200.00, depending on the number of characters of the target text, the file format and the time allocated for formatting.
I will submit an offer for contracts, legal texts, excerpts from the Commercial Register and other documents.