Do you need a certified translation from English, German or Romanian or into one of these languages? Does the text you have in front of you appear to be just alphabet soup?

Then you are exactly right here!

As sworn translator and interpreter for English and Romanian, certified for courts, official authorities and notaries by the President of the District Court Erfurt, my translations are recognised in the entire country.
In addition, I am certified by the Romanian Ministry of Justice as translator and interpreter for German and English (registered under No. 22051). In conclusion, the documents translated and certified by me are valid both in Germany and Romania.
I can only take legal responibility for providing translations which must be submitted outside of Germany or Romania if my certification as translator and/or my quality as swon translator are legally recognised in the respective country. Please, therefore, first check out the regulations of the country where the translation will be submitted. I cannot be held liable for the use of such translated documents outside Germany and Romania.
Do not hesitate to contact me, should you need more information!
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